Is Trulieve Overpriced?

Is Trulieve overpriced? Right now, Trulieve is a little expensive at 9.1 times book value, 8.9 times revenue, and 56 times earnings.

Who owns Tcnnf?

Westside Investment Management, Inc.

How big is Trulieve?

With the acquisition of Harvest finalized, Trulieve will have 149 retail locations in 11 states including Florida, more than 3.1 million square feet of cultivation and just over 8,500 employees.

How much did Trulieve buy harvest for?

Trulieve finalized its purchase of Harvest Health & Recreation for $2.2 billion, the company announced Friday. That makes the Tallahassee medical marijuana titan the largest legal cannabis company in the nation.

Who owns Harvesthoc?

Harvest is now part of Trulieve Cannabis Corp. a leading multi-state operator in the U.S. cannabis industry, poised for growth and dedicated to expanding access to cannabis for patients and customers.

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