What Can I Expect From DraftKings Earnings?

What can I expect from DraftKings earnings? DraftKings said it expects fiscal-year revenue of $1.24 billion to $1.28 billion, vs. previous guidance of $1.21 billion to $1.29 billion. Analysts have been calling for fiscal-year revenue of $1.29 billion. For fiscal 2022, DraftKings said it expects revenue of $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion.

What is DraftKings earnings per share?

DKNG - DraftKings Inc.

Earnings History 12/30/2020 9/29/2021
EPS Est. -0.47 -1.06
EPS Actual -0.68 -1.35
Difference -0.21 -0.29
Surprise % -44.70% -27.40%

Is DraftKings a good long term stock?

The Bottom Line on DKNG Stock

DraftKings has been killing it since the return of live sports, and its management forecasts a strong end to the year. Hence, DKNG stock is a long-term investment that has tremendous upside potential.

Will DraftKings stock go up?

Considering the potential of the company and the industry to cater to, DKNG stock is well positioned at the current level. The stock will go higher in the coming months and this dip is a good chance to enter. Ark Investment's Cathie Wood is a fan of DKNG stock and has bought it time and again.

Why is DraftKings stock dropping today?

DraftKings Inc (NASDAQ: DKNG) is trading lower Friday after the company announced its third-quarter financial results. DraftKings expects full-year 2022 revenue to be in a range of $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion versus the estimate of $1.81 billion.

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Will NIO stock go up 2021?

Trading Nio Stock

If the company can begin to execute at a higher level and the market is in a “risk-on” approach, then Nio stock should experience higher prices. That said, keep in mind that this stock rallied over 3,000% from the 2020 low to the 2021 high in January. The rally from the low in 2019 is even larger.

Will NIO ever hit 100?

Based on a 25X forward earnings multiple, that implies a 2029 price target for Nio stock of nearly $140. Using a 9% discount rate, that implies a 2021 price target of nearly $70. So, while we think Nio stock is undervalued today and can and will power to $100 over time, we do not think shares will double overnight.

Does Goldman Sachs own NIO stock?

(NIO) Stock Major Holders - Yahoo Finance.

Top Institutional Holders.

Holder Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Shares 17,535,305
Date Reported Sep 29, 2021
% Out 1.29%
Value 624,782,917

Is BlackRock invested in NIO?

2021-11-09 - BlackRock Inc. has filed a 13F-HR form disclosing ownership of 61,624,811 shares of Nio Inc (US:NIO) with total holdings valued at $2,195,693,000 USD as of 2021-09-30.

How many NIO shares does JP Morgan own?

2021-11-12 - Jpmorgan Chase & Co has filed a 13F-HR form disclosing ownership of 1,597,088 shares of Nio Inc (US:NIO) with total holdings valued at $56,904,000 USD as of 2021-09-30.

Is NIO a good buy?

NIO has some competitive advantages and has delivered strong growth in recent quarters. The company's shares have upside potential relative to how other EV players are valued, which could make NIO one of the best picks in the EV space.

How much will NIO grow?

Although Nio stock trades at a relatively high 10x consensus 2021 revenues, it should grow into this valuation fairly quickly. Sales are projected to grow by about 120% this year and by almost 65% next year, per consensus estimates.

Will NIO be available in USA?

Don't expect a NIO factory in the U.S.

If and when NIO decides to sell its cars in the U.S., it's highly unlikely that the company will set up its own factory there. In fact, NIO doesn't have its own factory to manufacture the cars it sells in China.

Is NIO the Tesla of China?

Nio was founded in 2014 in Shanghai, China, with manufacturing starting up in 2017. Tesla built its Giga Shanghai factory in 2018, and it's the main manufacturer for the Model 3 and Model Y in Asia.

How much does NIO car cost?

On the 2021 All-China Young Entrepreneurs Summit held in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province on Sunday, Li said the average price of NIO vehicles was 434,700 yuan ($68,258.90), which had exceeded the average price of BMW and Audi, and is several hundred thousand yuan more than Tesla vehicles.

Is NIO overvalued 2021?

The average analyst price target among the 21 analysts covering Nio is $58.25, suggesting about 60.7% upside from current levels. The Verdict: At today's price, Nio stock appears to be extremely overvalued based on a sampling of common fundamental valuation metrics.

Where does NIO make their cars?

JAC is a major state-owned automobile manufacturer in China that currently manufactures the NIO vehicles in delivery, including the ES8, ES6 and EC6, in the Hefei JAC-NIO manufacturing plant designed and constructed for NIO vehicles.

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