What Is Apple’s 5 Year Return?

What is Apple's 5 year return? Apple's 5 year stock price total return is 532.7%.

Where is my YTD return?

Calculating the YTD return of an entire portfolio is the same as for a single investment. Take the current value of all assets in the portfolio and subtract the total amount invested on the preceding January 1st. This renders the total YTD return in dollars.

What is the forecast for Apple stock?

Stock Price Forecast

The 37 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Apple Inc have a median target of 175.00, with a high estimate of 200.00 and a low estimate of 128.01. The median estimate represents a -0.85% decrease from the last price of 176.50.

What is the rate of return for Apple Inc?

It gives an overview of the level of return that investors should expect for bearing only systematic risk. Applying Apple, we get annual expected return of about 6.25%.

What is a good YTD rate of return?

It's important for investors to have realistic expectations about what type of return they'll see. A good return on investment is generally considered to be about 7% per year. This is the barometer that investors often use based off the historical average return of the S&P 500 after adjusting for inflation.

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What is a good YTD return?

For stock mutual funds, a “good” long-term return (annualized, for 10 years or more) is 8%-10%. For bond mutual funds, a good long-term return would be 4%-5%. For more precise, “apples to apples” comparisons, use a good online mutual fund screener.

What is year to date example?

If someone uses YTD in reference to a fiscal year, it is the time period between a company's fiscal year start and the specified date. For example, Company A's fiscal year starts on January 31. It is now March 30.

Is Apple a Buy Hold or sell?

A stock with a P/E ratio of 20, for example, is said to be trading at 20 times its annual earnings. In general, a lower number or multiple is usually considered better that a higher one.

Momentum Scorecard. More Info.

Zacks Rank Definition Annualized Return
1 Strong Buy 25.42%
2 Buy 19.05%
3 Hold 10.68%
4 Sell 6.41%

What was Apple's return in 2020?

Compare AAPL With Other Stocks

Apple ROI - Return on Investment Historical Data
Date TTM Net Income Return on Investment
2020-06-30 $67.14B 38.43%
2020-03-31 $65.59B 36.76%
2019-12-31 $66.15B 35.64%

What is Amazon's ROI?

AMZN's ROI over the last five Years

AMZN Annual Return On Investment (Dec 31 2020) 2020 (Dec 31 2019) 2019
Y / Y Investment Growth 41.75 % 45.81 %
Y / Y Net Income Growth 84.08 % 15.04 %
Annual Return On Investment 10.95 % 8.43 %

How much money should a 38 year old have in 401k?

If you are earning $50,000 by age 30, you should have $50,000 banked for retirement. By age 40, you should have three times your annual salary.

What is a good rate of return on 401k 2021?

Many retirement planners suggest the typical 401(k) portfolio generates an average annual return of 5% to 8% based on market conditions.

What companies will grow in 2021?

Fastest Growing Stocks
Price ($) Revenue Growth (%)
LyondellBasell Industries NV (LYB) 93.44 87.4
Petco Health and Wellness Co. Inc. (WOOF) 20.39 14.5
Nucor Corp. (NUE) 119.38 109.3

Which ETF has the best return?

100 Highest 5 Year ETF Returns

Symbol Name 5-Year Return
VOOG Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETF 192.40%
IVW iShares S&P 500 Growth ETF 191.69%
FDN First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund 185.44%
IUSG iShares Core S&P U.S. Growth ETF 185.25%

What is considered a good return on investment in real estate?

Most real estate experts agree anything above 8% is a good return on investment, but it's best to aim for over 10% or 12%. Real estate investors can find the best investment properties with high cash on cash return in their city of choice using Mashvisor's Property Finder!

How are years calculated?

The tropical year is the period of time required by the sun to pass from vernal equinox to vernal equinox. Thus, three calendar years are 365 days long; the fourth calendar year is 366 days long. The average length of the calendar year in days now becomes: (3 x 365 + 366)/4 = 365.25 days.

How do you write year to date?

The international standard recommends writing the date as year, then month, then the day: YYYY-MM-DD. So if both the Australian and American used this, they would both write the date as 2019-02-03. Writing the date this way avoids confusion by placing the year first. Much of Asia uses this form when writing the date.

How do you calculate year to date earnings?

To calculate YTD payroll, look at each employee's pay stub and add the year-to-date gross incomes listed. For example, you have three employees at your small business: Cindy, James, and Neil. Cindy earned a total of $24,000 in gross wages year-to-date. James earned $22,000, and Neil earned $19,000.

What is the 52 week high for Apple stock?

AAPL Real-Time Quotes

NLS Volume 72,273,017
Previous Close $175.08
Today's High / Low $175.95/$165.6556
52 Week High / Low $171.58/$116.21

What happens if I invest 1000 in Google?

An investor could have purchased 4.65 shares of GOOG at the time with $1,000. The $1,000 investment would be worth $13,004.28 today based on a price of $2,796.62 for GOOG at the time of writing. The investment in Google would have produced an average annual return of 80% over the last 15 years.

Does Apple give full refund?

For any undamaged product, simply return it with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt (or gift receipt) within 14 days of the date you receive the product, and we'll exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method.

How do I return an Apple product after 14 days?

For any other undamaged product, simply return it with the original receipt (or gift receipt) and original packaging within 14 days of the date you receive the product. If the item is returned within this timeframe, we'll exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method.

How much would 1000 invested in Amazon be worth today?

For Amazon, if you bought shares a decade ago, you're likely feeling really good about your investment today. A $1000 investment made in June 2011 would be worth $17,665.33, or a 1,666.53% gain, as of June 28, 2021, according to our calculations.

What is a good product ROI?

A good ROI is considered to be 100% and above! An ROI of 100% allows you to double your revenue. Though, ROI of 50% is also considered to be sufficient for a stable growth. With such return on investment, you will double your revenue in 2 months.

What is Tesla's ROI?

According to data acquired by Finbold, Tesla stock registered an ROI of 224.93% between June 2021 and June 2020, outperforming some of its major competitors. Among the selected vehicle manufacturers, Tesla only trailed China-based NIO (NYSE: NIO), which had almost double returns at 539.13%.

What is a good salary at 30?

What was the average and median income by age in 2021?

Age 25% 99%
28 $25,000.00 $191,422.00
29 $24,615.00 $205,002.00
30 $25,000.00 $230,410.00
31 $28,000.00 $301,120.00

Can you retire with 500k?

It may be possible to retire at 45 years of age, but it will depend on a variety of factors. If you have $500,000 in savings, according to the 4% rule, you will have access to roughly $20,000 for 30 years.

What is a good 10 year return?

The average 10-year stock market return is 9.2%, according to Goldman Sachs data. The S&P 500 index has done slightly better than that, returning 13.6% annually. The average return looks very different annually, but holding onto investments over time can help.

How much money do I need to retire?

Most experts say your retirement income should be about 80% of your final pre-retirement salary.  That means if you make $100,000 annually at retirement, you need at least $80,000 per year to have a comfortable lifestyle after leaving the workforce.

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