What Is Next For Reddit WallStreetBets?

What is next for Reddit WallStreetBets? Nio, a Chinese automobile manufacturer specializing in electric vehicles, and broadcast giant ViacomCBS have both seen substantially increased levels of discussion on the subreddit, according to YoloStocks, which tracks stock ticker mentions in the forum.

What replaced WallStreetBets?

Palantir Replaces GameStop As WallStreetBets' Top Interest

  • PLTR.
  • GME.
  • What should I invest in Reddit 2021?

    Top Reddit Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] This Month

  • Clover Health Investments Corporation (NASDAQ: CLOV)
  • Tesla Inc. ( NASDAQ: TSLA)
  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc. ( NASDAQ: AMD)
  • AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. ( NYSE: AMC)
  • Robinhood Markets Inc. ( NASDAQ: HOOD)
  • Is WallStreetBets still active?

    Reddit's WallStreetBets is back, taking on GameStop stock after intentional lockdown. But the community has been banned from Discord as AMC, GameStop stocks go wild. One of Reddit's most active communities is no longer public.

    Where is WallStreetBets now?

    Reddit group r/WallStreetBets (WSB) has closed its doors and is now a private-only community. What Happened: Only users who moderators have approved will be able to view the page and take part in discussions.

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    What is shorting a stock?

    Short selling involves borrowing a security and selling it on the open market. You then purchase it later at a lower price, pocketing the difference after repaying the initial loan. For example, let's say a stock is trading at $50 a share. You borrow 100 shares and sell them for $5,000.

    What are options trades?

    Options trading is the trading of instruments that give you the right to buy or sell a specific security on a specific date at a specific price. An option is a contract that's linked to an underlying asset, e.g., a stock or another security.

    What stocks is WallStreetBets buying?

    Reddit's WallStreetBets is Buying these Stocks for Post-Earnings Gains

  • Lumen Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: LUMN)
  • Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX)
  • Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA)
  • Etsy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ETSY)
  • CVS Health Corporation (NYSE: CVS)

  • What stocks is Reddit pushing?

    Stocks Reddit's WallStreetBets is Buying in July 2021

  • Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 62.
  • Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE) Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 15.
  • Corsair Gaming, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRSR)
  • Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR)
  • Krispy Kreme, Inc. (NASDAQ: DNUT)

  • What stocks does Reddit say to buy?

    Reddit Stock Portfolio: 10 Most Popular Stocks To Consider

  • Lucid Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:LCID)
  • Tilray, Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY)
  • AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:AMC)
  • Upstart Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:UPST)
  • Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR)

  • Did Reddit delete WallStreetBets?

    Discord removed the WallStreetBets server on Wednesday. A spokesperson noted the removal was due to hateful and discriminatory content and was not related to GameStop stock's recent surge.

    Is WallStreetBets market manipulation?

    WallStreetBets founder on meme frenzy

    The man that lit the fire for the current meme stock movement sweeping markets for the second time this year said the recent trading frenzy isn't market manipulation. And that's fraud," WallStreetBets founder Jaime Rogozinski said on Yahoo Finance Live.

    How do you get karma on Reddit?

  • Posting and commenting. When your posts or comments get upvoted, you gain some karma—so making posts and comments that communities find valuable is the best way to gain karma.
  • Giving awards. When you receive or give awards, you also gain some karma.

  • Who runs Wall Street bets?

    Jaime Rogozinski, the founder of the subReddit WallStreetBets, has launched a blockchain-powered app featuring exchange traded portfolios in his next attempt to upend the financial system as we know it. Rogozinski joined "Squawk Box" on Wednesday to discuss.

    What app does Wallstreetbets use?

    A small team that claims to be associated with the creator of Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets has started a defi platform, or decentralized application (dapp). The platform is called wsbdapp.com and the protocol allows users to swap tokens similar to popular decentralized exchange (dex) apps today.

    What is Diamond hands Wallstreetbets?

    Popularised by r/wallstreetbets, diamond hands (or more commonly depicted in emoji-form as ) refers to someone who has high risk tolerance to stomach through the high volatility of the stock/ asset that they own; they don't cave under pressure.

    Is SNDL a good stock to buy?

    Sundial Growers (NASDAQ:SNDL) reports its Q3 2021 results on Nov. If you manage your expectations over the next 6-12 months, I believe you'll be happy with your investment.

    What was AMC's highest stock price?

    AMC Entertainment Holdings - Stock Price History | AMC

  • The all-time high AMC Entertainment Holdings stock closing price was 62.55 on June 02, 2021.
  • The AMC Entertainment Holdings 52-week high stock price is 72.62, which is 124.5% above the current share price.

  • Do Stocks Go Up Before earnings Reddit?

    A whopping 88% have beaten market estimates. As more firms prepare to release earnings reports, retail investors, who frequent internet platforms like Reddit, have started loading up stocks that are expected to soar following the release of their quarterly earnings.

    Will Reddit go public?

    Reddit is expected to go public in Q4 2021 or early 2022, but sources claim the timing and size of the IPO will be subject to market conditions. The company is reported to be hiring investment bankers to prepare for an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

    Why do stock prices drop after earnings?

    Another reason for a stock price falling after an earnings beat may be due to the company buying back outstanding shares in the company. This, in turn, can cause the stock price to fall after an earnings beat, especially in cases where investors believe the current stock price is overvalued, among other scenarios.

    What are the hottest stocks on Reddit?

    Top Reddit stocks to watch

  • Palantir.
  • Micron Technology.
  • GameStop.
  • Alibaba.
  • Lucid Group.
  • Advanced Micro Devices.
  • Canoo.
  • AMC Entertainment.

  • Is SNDL a meme stock?

    Meme Stocks to Buy: Sundial Growers (SNDL)

    This one's a true penny stock, trading at just under 70 cents a share. It's had several stints above $1 and has even rallied to $1.50 or more several times.

    What stocks are being talked about on Reddit?

  • Tesla.
  • GameStop.
  • Chegg.
  • Hertz.
  • Ocugen.
  • Amazon.
  • Ford.
  • SoFi.

  • What is Reddit worth?

    Reddit, the virtual town square of the consumer internet, has raised a fresh $410 million in funding, valuing it at more than $10 billion, the company said on Thursday.

    Why is WallStreetBets shut down?

    Discord says it did not ban the WallStreetBets server for financial fraud — rather, it was banned because it continued to allow “hateful and discriminatory content after repeated warnings.” The Verge gained access to the server and can confirm the claim that users of the channel were spamming hateful language,

    Who banned WallStreetBets?

    Discord bans r/wallstreetbets server over hate speech as the group drives GameStop shares through the roof

  • Discord banned its chat group r/wallstreetbets on Wednesday for repeatedly allowing hate speech.
  • The group's Reddit counterpart has fueled a massive rally of GameStop, AMC, and Nokia shares.

  • Did WallStreetBets get banned?

    Discord announced this afternoon that they had banned the WallStreetBets Discord server following hate speech violations after “repeated warnings.” The Discord server had been seeing heavy traffic of new users in the past several days as traffic surged to the subreddit as well.

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