What Was DiDi IPO Price?

What was DiDi IPO price? Chinese ride-hailing goliath Didi Global Inc. priced its IPO at $14 on Tuesday afternoon, according to people familiar with the matter, setting the stage for the company to begin trading Wednesday, after it made a lightning-fast pitch to potential investors.

Is DiDi publicly traded?

DiDi Chuxing is a mobile transportation company headquartered in Beijing. DiDi went public in June 2021 on the NYSE.

When did DiDi stock go public?

The Chinese firm said it plans to relist on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Shares of Didi have plunged 57% since its IPO on June 30, and closed at $7.80 on Friday.

Does Didi make a profit?

It went public in May 2019. - Didi's main business is ride-hailing in China. It operates in 15 international markets including South America, Japan, Australia, Russia and South Africa. - Didi was loss-making from 2018 through 2020 but made a $30 million profit in the first quarter this year.

What exchange is Didi listed on?

This came months after China's internet watchdog has started an investigation into Didi Chuxing company, for issues related to national 'data security'. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in July 2021, Radio Free Asia reported.

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Who is the underwriter for Didi IPO?

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and J.P. Morgan are the underwriters on the Didi deal.

Is Didi listed in US?

June 11 - Beijing-based Didi makes public the filing for its U.S. listing, setting the stage for what is expected to be the world's biggest initial public offering of 2021. The shares end their first day of trading slightly above the IPO price.

Will Didi go private?

"The rumors about the privatization of Didi are untrue, and the company is currently actively cooperating with cybersecurity reviews," the company said on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

What happens if a company delists?

When a company delists from a major exchange, shareholders still legally own their shares, even if they're worthless in value. Generally speaking, delisting is regarded as a precursor to the act of declaring bankruptcy.

How is Didi doing in China?

It made Didi the biggest online ride platform on the planet. On average, 156 million people a month used Didi in China in the first quarter of this year, compared with 98 million for Uber worldwide. Didi handled 25 million rides a day in China during that period; Uber, globally, 16 million.

Did Temasek invest in Didi?

Temasek cut 16% of its stake in e-commerce giant Alibaba and 11% of its shares in ride-hailing service Didi, according to a 13F filing for the three months ended Sept.

Who owns Didi in China?


Formerly Didi Kuaidi (Feb 2015 – Sept 2015) Didi Dache, Kuaidi Dache (pre-Feb 2015)
Owner Softbank(21.5%) Uber(12.8%) Tencent(6.8%)
Number of employees 15,914 (2020)
Parent Xiaoju Kuaizhi Inc.
Website didiglobal.com

Is Didi only in China?

China's Didi Global Inc. is one of the world's largest ride-hailing apps. Three-quarters of its 493 million annual active users are in China. Beijing-based Didi operates in 14 other countries including Brazil and Mexico. Years ago, Didi and Uber competed in China.

How does DiDi make money?

DiDi makes money mostly through fares generated through its ride-hailing app, where the company gets a percentage of every fare (ranging from 5% to 20%). However, it also attracts revenue from other avenues such as its delivery service, through which customers can send and receive parcels delivered by DiDi drivers.

How much does a DiDi driver make?

The Uber drivers netted around $1.51 per km while the Ola and DiDi drivers earned about 15% more with $1.70 per km and $1.74 per km, respectively. This gap largely comes from the difference in commissions charged by the services. DiDi charges only 5%, while Uber charges up to 27%.

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