Who Is Trader Joe’s Owned By?

Who is Trader Joe's owned by? To sum up: we're talking about Aldi Nord, the company that owns Trader Joe's, and Aldi stores in the other big English-speaking countries.

What does Trader Joe's CEO make?

Average Trader Joe's Chief Executive Officer yearly pay in the United States is approximately $30,610, which is 74% below the national average.

Who is the founder of Trader Joe's?

Trader Joe's

Who owns Trader Joe's 2020?

The Albrecht family, who own Aldi and Trader Joe's, has been historically secretive, and there is a lot that's unknown about their personal lives. What is known, however, is their net worth: $53.5 billion, according to Forbes.

Is Trader Joe's owned by Aldi?

Owned by a German company called Albrecht Discounts, ALDI is a discount grocery chain that started in Germany in 1948. Trader Joe's, although it may be based in Southern California, is actually owned by Albrecht Discounts.

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How much do Trader Joe's regional managers make?

Trader Joe's Salary FAQs

The salary trajectory of a Regional Manager ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $82,418 per year and goes up to $107,262 per year for the highest level of seniority.

How much do people at Trader Joe's make?

How much does a Crew Member make at Trader Joe's in California? Average Trader Joe's Crew Member yearly pay in California is approximately $30,253, which is 28% below the national average.

How much does a person make at Trader Joe's?

Trader Joe's in Los Angeles, CA Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Trader Joe's Crew Member salaries - 16 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $17/hr
F/T Crew Member salaries - 14 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $17/hr
Cashier salaries - 13 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $16/hr

Is Trader Joe's dead?

Joseph Coulombe, who in 1967 parsed a few cultural trends, added his retail instincts and created Trader Joe's, the popular grocery chain known for unusual foods, a generous wine selection and a laid-back atmosphere, died on Friday at his home in Pasadena, Calif. He was 89. The death was confirmed by his son, Joseph.

Who owns Aldi Nord?


Is Trader Joe's a bad company?

Employees scored Trader Joe's an impressive 4.3 out of 5 on Glassdoor – benefits and friendly working environment were two of the most cited positives. I'm not sure about the company's trajectory, however, as TJ's has recently come under fire for suppression of unionization.

Who owns Lidl's?

Dieter Schwarz's Schwarz Group, with revenue of over $140 billion, is comprised of the Kaufland and Lidl (rhymes with needle) discount supermarkets. Schwarz inherited the company from his father, Josef, who became a partner in Suedfruechte Grosshandel Lidl & Co., a fruit wholesaler, in 1930.

When was Trader Joe's bought by Aldi?

In 1979, meanwhile, Aldi Nord purchased the U.S. operations of Trader Joe's, which had been founded in California in 1958. Trader Joe's operates as a separate division of the parent.

Why did Aldi and Trader Joe's split?

Better known by its acronym, Aldi in 1960 was split between the brothers after a dispute over whether or not to sell cigarettes.

Are Aldi and Trader Joe's sister companies?

Nope! ALDI and Trader Joe's don't share the same parent company, have no joint ownership, and are independently operated. But, the two stores do share a common family heritage. The original ALDI (at the time, Albrecht Diskont) opened back in the early 1900s as a single German grocery store.

Is Lidl German?

In 1973, the first modern Lidl store opened in Ludwigshafen, Germany. During the 1990s, we began opening stores outside of Germany and within a few years, we had stores all across Europe. We now operate around 11,200 stores and are active in 32 countries, employing more than 310,000 people globally.

Does Trader Joe's sell cigarettes?

Trader Joe's does not sell tobacco products of any kind. It's a policy of its parent company, Aldi Nord, which split from Aldi's grocery chain because the original owners had a falling out over the issue of whether to sell or not to sell cigarettes.

How much do Trader Joe's captains make?

How much does a Captain make at Trader Joe's in the United States? Average Trader Joe's Captain yearly pay in the United States is approximately $120,920, which is 96% above the national average.

How much do Costco managers make?

How much does a Manager make at Costco Wholesale in the United States? Average Costco Wholesale Manager yearly pay in the United States is approximately $71,530, which is 18% above the national average.

WHAT DO IN N OUT managers make?

Average In-N-Out Burger Manager yearly pay in California is approximately $44,849, which is 26% below the national average.

Why are Trader Joe's employees so happy?

In fact, people are so happy at their Trader Joe's jobs, 20 percent of employees have worked there for 10 years or more. So what is the reason Trader Joe's employees are so nice? The answer seems to be that the company treats its employees well, and so employees want to return the favor to the customers.

How much does a Costco employee make?

How Much Do Costco Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $35,500 $17
75th Percentile $31,500 $15
Average $28,254 $14
25th Percentile $24,000 $12

Is working at Trader Joe's a good job?

Trader Joe's is an amazing place to work. They treat their staff extremely well, the pay is great and you're qualified for a raise every 6 months. It's a very diverse workplace where you're able to work a little bit of everything. The shifts go by really fast and the customers and crew are super friendly!

How much do Trader Joe's cashiers get paid?

Average Trader Joe's Cashier hourly pay in the United States is approximately $13.71, which is 22% above the national average.

Do Trader Joe's employees get discounts?

The company and crew members may contribute to the plan. Trader Joe's is dedicated to making an investment in and for you. All Crew Members currently receive up to a 20% discount on all products in our stores. We offer exceptional medical, dental and vision plans to eligible Crew Members.

Why are Trader Joe's prices so low?

Today, 80% of the products carried by Trader Joe's are store brands, a company spokesperson told Kiplinger. The grocer says the heavy emphasis on store brands helps keep costs low because it buys direct from suppliers whenever possible (no middleman markup) and then passes the savings on to its customers.

What is Trader Joe's net worth?

In 2019, Trader Joe's 505 U.S. stores had an estimated $13.7 billion in net sales, according to retail insights company Edge by Ascential. (For comparison, Whole Foods had $16.5 billion U.S. in-store net sales, while Costco had $110.5 billion in-store net sales, according to Edge by Ascential.)

Is Aldi owned by China?

Aldi stores are a unique world all of their own. The grocer is also growing. Aldi continues to expand aggressively throughout Europe, Australia, and even parts of Asia.

Aldi is Two Companies.

Aldi Nord Aldi Süd
United States (Trader Joe's) United States (Aldi US)
China (online only

Is Trader Joe's high quality?

Consumers view Trader Joe's as high quality but inexpensive. Whole Foods is seen as being too expensive. While Whole Foods has private-label products, they tend to be more basic. The company also sells a wider variety of organic and healthy brands.

Where do Trader Joe's eggs come from?

But in reality, these eggs come from hens who spend their entire lives inside massive industrial hen houses without any outdoor access. Hens are packed into warehouses with thousands of other birds and never set foot in grass or engage in their natural behaviors outdoors.

Why is Trader Joe's so secretive?

You'd think Trader Joe's would be eager to trumpet its success, but management is obsessively secretive. Some of that may be because Trader Joe's business tactics are often very much at odds with its image as the funky shop around the corner that sources its wares from local farms and food artisans.

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